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 E-Commerce is one industry which is growing exponentially every year and it is a known fact that this industry is not going down anytime soon. Customers today love shopping online because it is extremely convenient and saves a lot of time and effort. They are getting what they want in a single place with thousands of options to choose from. Why would anyone want to roam around in the market, when they can purchase anything they want in the comfort of their home?

 This is the reason e-commerce marketing is extremely important. The competition is fierce and you need to collaborate with an E-Commerce marketing agency which will make sure that your products stand out from the rest by implementing certain strategies.

 And that is exactly what we are here to help you out with. We have been helping businesses to increase their visibility and reach the target customers for many years now and we know how to convert leads into sales. It is our specialty to create a tailored E-Commerce marketing solution for any business and help you maximize the potential of your business by enhancing the user experience and improving visibility.

PARAGON Moved our Sales from $4k to over $15k each month

For the first time in 7 years of running our hair extensions online store, we have been able to reach monthly sales of $15,000 with the help of PARAGON.

Before we had tried almost 5 local agencies on monthly retainers and our monthly sales was below $7k with extra cost.

The PARAGON Team not only helped us eliminate the extra cost on increased our earnings to $15k in November after taking over our marketing in less than two months. I don’t think we are stopping here – Cindy Ashburn (CEO – Plumpy Hair).

Why do you need the help of an e-Commerce marketing agency?


 It’s a very fair question to begin with because unless you understand the importance of e-commerce marketing, it is impossible to go ahead with it. Today Shoppers are spending much more time researching about the products they want to purchase. I want to know each and every detail about the product before investing money in it. And who wouldn’t? Everybody wants to buy a product which will give them guarantee that it will work and fulfill their requirements. But how does any customer understand that a particular product is genuine and actually works? That is where E-Commerce marketing comes into play.

 We design The E-Commerce marketing strategies in such a way that they will meet all the requirements of the curious customers at every stage of their research including reviews and comparison.

 It does not matter if you are a brand new company or an established e-Commerce company- understanding the value of e-commerce marketing is extremely essential. Most of the people rely on the Internet to decide whether they want to purchase something or not. If you are operating an online store, E-Commerce marketing is a must have strategy for you.

 It is stress free, quick and rewarding and will help you to build trust and confidence with your clients.

What are the E-Commerce marketing services we provide?

Competitive analysis.

Before coming up with any strategy it is very important to research well about your competitors through competitive analysis. It will help you to identify the weakness, strength and opportunities of any website from a digital marketing point of view. Which helps in building strategies which will help you go ahead of your competitions. 

Social media and email marketing campaigns.

If you are looking for a cost effective way to help your E-commerce website to grow, it is important to interact with the customers in a way which is convenient and comfortable for them. Email marketing will help you send email reminders to the customers about their abandoned cart details and it has helped to bring around 69% more orders according to studies.

 Again almost every person is available on at least one social media platform and studies have said that a high percentage of people click on social media ads when they are interested in buying any particular product..

Search Engine Optimisation.

If you want to earn more traffic and your old customers to keep on purchasing from your website, Search Engine Optimisation is the way to go. It helps to have more qualified leads because almost 97% of online experiences start with the help of a search engine.

Content marketing.

E-Commerce content marketing is extremely essential in selling more products and getting loyal customers. Our team of experts helped to create quality content that will help to build a personality for your brand and also will help to build a healthy Bond with your target audience. We work to create valuable and high quality content which will help you demonstrate your expertise in knowledge about the product and also help to make the customers feel more secure to purchase any product from you.

Pay per click advertising.

This will help you to be visible in front of your customers as soon as they need you with the help of search ads and Google PPC shopping. It is an incredible way to drive more interested customers to your website and get leads faster.

 These are only some of the many E-Commerce marketing services we provide and we can offer guaranteed success.

Still not convinced? Here is why you should choose us.

Don’t worry, we are here to give you the best ideas you need.


We do not bind the customers in any long-term contracts but of course we encourage you to be patient for at least three to six months after your campaign starts after which you are free to leave at any time you want.


You will be the sole owner of all your deliverables along with your website.


Advanced analytics is there to track everything we do so we make sure to always optimize your campaigns. It means that you get the best service at a very reasonable price.


You get an entire team of experts including an analyst, ad manager, web designer and more.


We believe in acquiring long lasting partnerships rather than just clients which is the reason why we put all our efforts into helping your business reach its goals.


You will get detailed progress reports every month to understand what we are doing and if it is helping your business.

If you want an E-Commerce marketing agency who is well acquainted with the industry and has the required knowledge, you definitely should go for us. We are the best in what we do, we are unique, and we make sure to fulfill all your requirements with utmost transparency.

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