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Our Marketing Is Built On A Framework Of Behavior-Based Direct Response Marketing

All too often the go-to-market process is over-complicated, slow and unsuccessful. We believe in better.

We analyze your growth potential, hatch a plan, and deliver go-to-market services that increase demand, better engage prospects and close more deals.

We work with our clients to grow their presence online through research, data driven decisions, creativity and fast-paced execution. Ultimately, we connect our clients with their prospects, convert them and generate substantially increased revenue.

When You Work With Us, We Guarantee :


No Fixed Contracts

Money Back Guarantee

Today, all marketers need to embrace data, offers, calls to action, response channels, testing, measuring results and business outcomes.

It’s how they become trusted advisors and gain permission from customers to nurture their relationships with them.

PARAGON uses its direct response marketing roots to help clients drive better experiences, increase customer loyalty and ultimately deliver on their business goals.

If Growth Is Your Goal, We Are The Agency You Are Looking For

From rookies to pros: at Paragon we work with organic growth marketers of all expertise levels.

What unites us? Ambition. A shared love for growth and digital. A passion to perform, and to have a blast while doing it.

This is what the composition of Paragon DNA looks like:

What You Get With Paragon


We provide a technology-enhanced service to gain additional insights into campaigns, increase efficiency, and provide more transparent and robust reporting.


A dedicated account manager creates clear communication and ensures that we are aligned with our clients’ goals.


Whether the goal is to increase ROI, drive additional conversions, grow revenue, improve lead quality, or to raise awareness about a new product, our prime focus is to deliver top results.

Analytical Rigor

Data is only as helpful as one’s ability to analyze it. We hold our team to the highest analytical standards to ensure insightful analyses & meaningful reporting


We have unprecedented access to data on who’s visiting a site, what actions they are taking, and how they got there. We interpret that data and more to know which ads, targets, and landing pages will drive the best results.


We take care of our clients’ digital marketing so they don’t have to.
We grow companies through big ideas backed by analytics-driven marketing and technology strategies, making your brand authentic and relevant to more audiences in an increasingly digital world. The result is faster growth at a much lower cost.

Get the best results with professional services customized for your business’s goals and target market.






Sales Enablement





Lead Gen


Kwabena Okyire Appianing

Our History

Paragon was founded by Kwabena Okyire Appianing because he could not find any full funnel growth driven digital marketing company in Ghana to manage and grow his mother’s business.

Then he realized that most companies don’t have dedicated, highly-trained digital marketing experts to focus solely on growth and performance driven digital campaigns, he founded Paragon as a digital marketing company in Ghana that cares about client’s growth and not Facebook likes and clicks.

This he has nurtured and instills in every new team member. @ Paragon, we drive sales not clicks.
Having worked for many companies in Ghana, Kwabena understands the value of growth and hence works towards eliminating all unnecessary vanity metrics from everything we do.


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