add an additional $100k -$1m to your bottom line within 12 months

We will take over your Client Acquisition,  Book Sales Qualified Appointments on your behalf and Grow your Sales Pipeline using pinpoint research, Paid Ads, Sales Funnels, Emails, Cold Calling, Social and our Orchestrated Sales Frameworks.

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Let's Find Your Next Best Customer


” Your Pipeline Is Unpredictable. During Some Months, Your Sales Reps Don’t Close A Single Deal.”

“You've Built An Incredible Business From Referrals, But Need To Build Something More Scalable.”

“You’ve Got a Great Sales Team, But They Don’t Have Time To Prospect. You Can’t Grow Without New Leads.”

“You're Juggling Running Your Business And Maintaining Revenue Growth, And It’s Not Working.”


Your market is out there…
But you’re not reaching them in the most effective way..Every day, thousands of your ideal customers look for  solutions to their problems… but you don’t know them by name, and they don’t know you. The longer you wait to start the right way, the more cash you leave on the table

We are here to find  the  right Customer for you, handle your sales outreach, build A Your Sales Pipeline, nurture your prospects and convert them into sales appointments for you to close!

PARAGON is built from the ground up for B2B and High-Ticket Offers. Our data-driven outbound and Inbound Sales Frame works are designed to flood your calendar with qualified appointments, Build a Profitable Sales Pipeline,

Combining specialized human skills and online technology to achieve Scalable Results Such as

Filling Your Empty pipeline with Qualified Leads

Building a pipeline is a lot of work — we’re not going to sugarcoat it. But with a repeatable set of actions, practiced habits, and shared learnings, We will orchestrate all key sales activities — like emails, phone calls, , paid ads, social media touches — utilizing proven playbooks & messaging to build a healthy profitable sales pipeline that will grow your business

Booking Appointments with Sales Ready Prospects

Our Multi-Channel B2B Appointment Setting Solutions Allow You to Stay Focused On What You Do Best: Closing Sales while we focus on every aspect of your top-of-the-sales-funnel needs, from compiling qualified prospect lists to cold outreach to nurturing lead to B2B appointment setting with interested decision-makers.

Building Sales Automated Follow UP Systems

80% of sales demand at least 5 follow-ups, however, only 8% of sales reps accomplish this. By neglecting follow-ups, your business would be willingly letting go of a huge bulk of potential sales and profits.

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Our Process

Our process is methodical & data-driven. The goal is to identify the ‘right’ cadence & message as per the respective persona. We get this done by tracking & measuring everything from day 1 .

Calculate The Potential

Knowing your math backwards and forwards is the first step to every great sales campaign.

We’ll run the math with you so you can clearly see:

Exactly how much you're leaving on the table by waiting to implement proper outbound marketing.

How much you stand to grow your EBITDA, and how PARAGON increases your probability of hitting (and exceeding) your 7/8-figure revenue goals.

How you can eliminate all risk by working with us and establish a hyper profitable unit case

Ideation & discovery

This is where we help you clearly define your target audience & break it up into specific personas.

After that we brainstorm relevant messaging per persona.

As we are doing this our team will start setting up your sales outreach infrastructure based off your requirements. This includes domain/IP warmup and the necessary tools.

Lead List Development

We know who’s actually in-market for your offer, and we utilize both intent data and firmographic data to build a list of your perfect prospects:

We spend time together getting clear on your ideal customer profile.

No need to buy data from companies like Zoominfo, and no more tinkering around with the poor accuracy of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

We Build the perfect lead list, and it doesn't get higher quality.

We use intent data and site-visitor identity resolution to identify in-market prospects that are actively looking for a solution like yours.

We don't just know the company names... we know the identity of the exact people looking for what you do, at scale.

Micro Experiment

Once messaging and the audience is decided we begin experimenting.

To do this we launch ‘micro’ campaigns and review the results in a qualitative manner.

The goal is to identify (with data) messaging that resonates with the respective audience/persona.

We will also identify which marketing channels compliment your email campaigns (eg. social, content, landing pages, ads).

Combining email with other channels drive up conversion by nearly 3X.

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Free 30-Minute Sales Strategy Session


Pick up this call only if you’re someone who’s doggedly passionate about generating massive, MASSIVE long-term growth for your business.

This means that while we’re kicking ass and cutting down your competitors in the arena, you need to be there to cheer us on. Remember, we’re allies, not adversaries. The enemy is out there.

Stop wasting time and money on social media campaigns that get online engagement but zero appointments, test drives, and sales. Book your free 30-minute strategy session with us today.

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As a whole, the primary goal of a digital marketing company is to do 3 things: Increase your online presence. Perform market research. Integrate your online profiles and platforms.

At PARAGON, we typically engage with prospects close to 30 times before booking an appointment, and the follow-up doesn’t stop there. We know how to get qualified appointments on the calendar at scale -- even if it means going the extra mile each and every day.As a part of our service we perform up to 80 hours of lead chasing and sales follow-up per month, per seat, and that’s on top of the initial outreach -- meaning no lead gets left behind. We also keep in touch with long-term pipeline leads. Imagine how your sales might improve if you had that level of follow-up, and you didn’t have to lift a finger for it.

Yes we do! We'll run the math, establish the path to profit, and guarantee enough qualified appointments for you to at MINIMUM make back what you spend with us. We have a crazy track record of success in a great deal of markets.

As a whole, the primary goal of a digital marketing company is to do 3 things: Increase your online presence. Perform market research. Integrate your online profiles and platforms.

We work with you to put together the perfect list of leads together, and we don't move forward until we get your approval.  If the list isn't qualified to your satisfaction, we'll re-work it until it is. Simply put, we utilize big data and hyper targeted identity resolution to focus on leads who have actually expressed interest in finding a business like yours. Once we're live we hand qualify every single prospect and check them against your ideal customer profile. If all this process did was provide you a list of thousands of in-market prospects each month, it would be worth it -- and that's exactly what we do.

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